Saturday, November 11, 2006

Village festival

0611 Village festival mosaic #1
Yet more eye candy colours. The soundtrack to the festival? The babble of voices, the boom zipzap of the hiphop music played for the dancing school dancers in lurid lurex, announcements about charity sausage sizzles, thanks to sponsors, the rapid heartbeat of bongo drums. You could decorate your house or yourself, be political in a multitude of ways, buy charity raffle tickets, join railway societies or plant growing societies, consider breastfeeding or fire service volunteering or joining a brass band or just eat (Australian) macadamia nuts while juggling colourful balls and going with the flow. Your choice!

Original photo is here. Set of photos from the festival is here.

Blogger and Flickr aren't talking right now (why do they do that when I have two photos/entries to upload?) so I'll fix this properly when THEY let me.

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Pennie & David said...

What fun those photos are, that little browse made me feel as if I'd been there. Great, thanks Ruth