Thursday, November 02, 2006

Jacaranda street

0610 jacaranda street
Originally uploaded by rooruu.

It's not actually called Jacaranda Street - but aren't those clouds of purple wonderful? I've taken some photos of individual trees and so forth, but I was trying to capture here the way they are beautiful en masse.

Suddenly, at this time of year, a corner here or garden there or, like here, a street, catches your attention as doesn't happen the rest of the year.

So many trees here are evergreen (eg eucalypts) that a deciduous with this sort of flourish is a particular joy. Jacarandas are one of my favourite trees. Their shape is elegant, and they carry the flowers with grace.


Isabelle said...

Love the jacarandas - I've never seen one before, let alone a whole avenue of them. Your picture looks so warm! We're having our first cold day here in Scotland - gloves needed on my evening walk.

Liz Needle said...

My thoughts excatly on Jacarandas. They can turn the most mundane gardens and quite ugly streetscapes into visions of splendour for a week or so.

Wish I could grow them, but they don't seem to like it here.

Liz Needle