Wednesday, November 22, 2006


0611 bushfires 04
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Looking west towards the Blue Mountains. The contrast between the smoke filled area and the clear blue sky with white clouds was striking.

It reached 38 - 40deg Celsius today - hot, windy, low humidity, none of it good for fires. The Blue Mountains fires now include threats to Mt Wilson and Mt Tomah, fire in the Grose Valley, fire near Blackheath, spot fires further down the mountains and a new fire started by windborne embers near Faulconbridge.

Fire updates on this link.

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Mike Bogle said...

The temperatures seem to be much lower than yesterday so far and no wind to speak of yet (hooray!). Perhaps the Fates have decided to give us a bit of a break (touchwood!)

Hopefully the massive back burning they did last night was successful. No updates available on the NSW Rural Fire Service website yet unfortunately so will have to wait and see I guess.