Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween pumpkins

0610 Halloween pumpkins
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Ah well, I'm a day late. Never mind. I've not seen these for sale before locally, sold specifically as Halloween pumpkins. More expensive than other pumpkins too, such as Queensland Blue or Jarrahdale. I can't help thinking there would be a LOT of hollowing out work required on these.

I saw, driving past, some very Australian trick or treaters setting out this afternoon - I doubt there would be many in the northern hemisphere who teamed their fright wigs with board shorts and thongs, or who were attended by fairies who were not quite sure if they were good or bad, so had settled for quantities of eye makeup (which didn't really clarify the situation, but they probably enjoyed trowelling it on!).

I read somewhere that the most popular Halloween costume in the US this year is khakis, with a stingray barb attached to the chest, alluding of course to Steve Irwin. Hmmmm. That's a bit sick puppy queasy-making for me.

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