Sunday, November 12, 2006


0611 new quilt
Originally uploaded by rooruu.
The makings of a new quilt - aqua and chocolate. Do you think it will work? I'm liking the mix of it all, everything from Amy Butler to Jane Austen, spots and dots and stripes and scales from small to large - all the fun of the fair! The deadline's looming, so I'm sewing like mad to get it done.


kirsty said...

Very nice. Been finding it very difficult to find aqua fabrics for a quilt I have planned. I see you have some of the same ones I do.

candyschultz said...

I love those colors. I think it would make a fabulous quilt. Are you going to post a pic when it's finished?

rooruu said...

Kirsty: I was collecting for a little while, and these were sourced locally in Oz, and from the US.

Candy: I'll have to post one of my crumpled/teaser photos until the magazine it's going to be in is in the newsagents - so you'll get a glimpse... ;-)

Caitlin said...

swoooon! I'm looking for chocolate and pink fabrics to make things for my Mum - the hunt continues! Funny how a few years back I woudl have NEVER considered this combination of colours, now it's da bomb!

Carmel said...

I'm one of those people who likes brown.....even after living through the Mission Brown era!!
I also like blue so I LURRVEE the fabrics! Will be interested to see the end result!