Friday, February 02, 2007

6 weird things meme...

0701 kohl rabi
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6 weird things, 6 weird things... the weird bit is trying to come up with six things that might be considered weird, since the world is so full of people who might indeed find your weird anything but weird.

So these things may not be considered weird at all. I make no promises.

1. I have a terrible time in large, well-lit fruit and vegetable shops, because the colours and textures and shapes just pull my digital camera out of my bag and so you get photos like the kohl rabi one. I've never had a staff member stop me taking photos there. So I keep doing it, from time to time (seasons change, fruit and veges change - and I'm always happy for an excuse to buy their sweet plain yoghurt).

2. Apropos of 1., I always carry a digital camera with me. It means I not only catch all sorts of things, significant or insigificant, that I might not otherwise catch, it also means I look and see more than I might otherwise. Like kohl rabi. I'm not sure how it feeds my inner designer or my creative soul, but somehow it does, although I can provide no empirical evidence.

3. In almost any op shop I can come up with a collection of garments which will go together to make an interesting quilt. Shirts are easy, but there are trousers and jeans and dresses... and ties. Actually, probably any op shop (op shop/Oxfam/Goodwill/charity shop).

4. My favourite colour for shoes is red.

5. I can do a reasonably authentic Scots accent (does it have to be Glaswegian? my mother wanted to know) and an Irish one (does it have to be so Bog Irish? my mother wanted to know). And can twist a few words in a Northern Irish accent. And I've passed for Cockney , English and American when I needed to, but only briefly. And I once used sign language (Auslan) to get rid of a beggar in San Francisco, but that's another story.

6. While I can and do make 'collection' quilts with fabrics from one collection/designer, I equally believe that fabrics from all over go together far better than quilters assume. I believe we should be game to play, to try new and unexpected combinations, to take courage from what vintage quilts show us of what can and does make a happy quilt. I don't believe quilts have to match decor. A quilt can just be itself. It doesn't have to match a house - it expresses an idea.

OK, who to tag?

YOU, if you haven't done it yet - consider yourself tagged!

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Sarah said...

Ahh the weird and wonderful world of quilting.. it's been great getting to know a bit more about our blogging compatriots :)