Sunday, February 11, 2007


0702 cauliflower
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You'd probably not call it elegant, but there is a rustic beauty about cauliflowers, even with the hacked leaf-stumps. Sometimes on my way to work I've passed fields where they're being harvested.

A while ago I discovered that the dish one of my siblings hated most while growing up was cauliflower cheese (cooked cauliflower drizzled with cheesy white sauce and topped with rashers of bacon). What's not to like about that?! (My most hated dish was a dessert, peeled whole bananas drowned in custard and baked in the oven. Hot drowned bananas - shudddddder!).

Sorry Ma! (she sometimes reads this blog, as I remember when she shows an uncanny knowledge of something I haven't mentioned in conversation....) - there's plenty more that I liked.

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