Monday, February 12, 2007


It's been raining in a thoughtful, steady way on and off all day. Not the thunderstorm rain-in-hurry that comes then goes and pelts the ground, but rain that must be soaking in and will hopefully reach the catchments and dams - Sydney's dams are hovering around the 35% mark, uncomfortably low. Some of the rain is staccato on the skylights, while other times it's arrived like a rush of wind.

Picture later!

Also pics of some late summer stone fruit - the apricots and peaches are scenting the kitchen, smelling wonderful. Did I buy them a) to eat and b) to photograph? Or a) to photograph and b) to eat? I'm not saying...

Oh, and the 10,000th visitor was from Padstow, in the southern suburbs of Sydney. Most amusing that despite visitors from exotic places around the world (see the map over on the right), that number should be someone in the same part of the world. Hello Padstow!


kirsty said...

We've been having a little ;) rain up here in Nth Queensland, too. Makes a change! Now instead of dust, we have mud.

Di said...

Looking forward to your photos. Ahhh the rain - how I've missed the rain.