Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Clearly I have a thing for old doors and windows, and the way sunlight casts shadows. What can I say? If it's a character flaw, I'm OK with it.

We had plenty of sunlight today, it was another hot sticky February summer day - but in the late afternoon, a welcome thunderstorm darkened the sky enough to need headlights at 5pm to find a way through the dim, uncertain light on the road home.

At 8pm, as the light began to fade, it was a delicious post-rain pink, almost as though you could see the air. Looking up, there were high clouds scudding across the sky but every leaf was still in the trees and there was not a breath of wind to be felt.


Jean said...

Hello Rooruu
I Have to say how much I enjoy reading your blog and just love the photos that you post. This blog is one of the best I read and believe me I read a few.What camera do you use is it a SLR or a point and shoot, anyway whatever it is it takes brilliant pics.

rooruu said...

Thank you Jean - what lovely things to say. Most of the photos are taken with the digital camera I carry around all the time, an Olympus D-540 which is a modest 3.2 megapixel point and shoot. There's a review of it here: It's been a great first digital camera. The exercise of aiming to take some photos pretty much every day has also been a good education towards developing my photographic eye. And it's fun!

I'd love to read your blog, if you have one - or know some of your other favourites.