Tuesday, February 06, 2007

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Today I hope to catch a train and have time to read one of these. I started The Time Traveler's Wife and it's kinda annoying me at present. But I want to work through that, as I've heard good reports. Plath and Hughes? I've loved Ted Hughes' poetry since high school and 3 unit (advanced) English, and this sounds like an illumination of their relationship and the book, Birthday Letters. Sarah Dunant writes with wonderful humour about travelling in the US by Greyhound, after she unexpectedly wins a Green Card.


candyschultz said...

I read Birthday Letters alongside Plath's letters to her mother. It was an interesting exercise in two sides to everything. Gave me a much less sympathetic feeling for Plath. Not that depression is to be made light of as I know from my own experience. And it does distort your thinking terribly. But she was in a totally different world than Hughes. There is a really good book, Wintering by Kate Moses, which is a fictional recreation of the last winter from Plath's point of view. I could not put The Time Traveler's Wife down.

Taphophile said...

Lots of people love The Time Traveller's Wife. It annoyed me for its entire length.