Tuesday, April 17, 2007


0704 white cane baskets Ikea
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The to-do list is building up like these baskets, or so it feels. One quilt off to the quilter, more deadlines to meet for work, for quilts, for other commitments....lots to get done. Which is, of course, precisely when a fluey head cold gets ahold of you, to wooze your brain and occupy you with sneezing and nose blowing and feeling generally weary.

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Carmel said...

Hi Ruth, Sorry to read you are feeling poorly.
Where was the photo taken?
As my DH will tell you, I have an absolute weakness for baskets and small storage things with drawers and slots. AND the latest IKEA offering that landed in our letterbox today has quite a few of those sort of things! I will have to be strong and desist.
I'm still not at home so my issue of APQ and I have not met up so I can't get to read your project..but I think I may have seen it ???? Get some rest. Sounds like you need to take good care of yourself.