Saturday, April 28, 2007

Surely not....


It's another SMH link, so after a couple of weeks it will either work or it won't.... Aha, they took the link down, maybe after they read the one below. If you want to read the original story, try the version here.

PS: a more likely version of events


meggie said...

It made for a laugh, though.
Unbelievable as it was.

Anonymous said...

On Friday when the story first broke, DH let the toy poodle jump on me to wake me up, while he stood at the side of the bed saying "baaaaa!".

Yep, strange world where people believe anything they read - but wasn't it ever thus?!

Helen said...

Hee, hee, we had that story in our local paper here in New Zealand too. (The SMH link didn't work). It was a great laugh, though. It was in the "Odd Spot" column so you've gotta guess it ain't true!