Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Yellow quilt

0704 yellow quilt
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Assorted y ellow shirts have become a yellow quilt, along with some Les Olivades fabric I fortuitously found as a child's pinafore in an op shop (after I virtuously passed on the Les O. sale, sorely tempted though I was)..

It's a sunny, cheerful one, quilted enough but not too much, so it stays soft. While uber-freemotion can be grand and wonderful, all those lines of stitching do stiffen up a quilt. This one, with the softness of recycled fabrics and the right amount of quilting, will be good as an everyday sofa quilt as the cooler days of autumn (hurrah! hurray!) come upon us.

It's amusing, reading northern hemisphere blogs welcoming spring, while here, exhausted from summer, we're glad to have autumn.

PS. In response to comments, this may have had something to do with the design of the quilt - and I didn't think of calling it Daffodil something, but maybe I should. A field of daffodils is a wonderful thing (it's bulb catalogue time here, planning for what may come). I'm coming to the opinion that yellow can be like red, in quilting - all reds go together, and yellows various seem pretty happy too. And greens work, and blues...maybe sometimes we assume rather than exploring. Yellow's a harder colour to wear as clothes, perhaps that influences quilters (actually, I do believe clothing colours influence quilters, when they shouldn't, unless wearable clothing's your thing).


Brenda said...

Do I detect a Drunkard's Path variation? (One of my favourite blocks!)

Anonymous said...

Mmm, yellow is YUMMY! And yet it has a reputation as being "hard" to work with - I don't quite understand why, especially whent he results are as charming and fresh as this lovely autumn quilt!
And yes - quilted it death is all well and good - but I like my quilts to have a snuggle factor, too.

Isabelle said...

Yes, it's very odd that seasons are different in different hemispheres. Obvious, of course. But still hard to believe. We're a sea of daffodils here in sunny Edinburgh.

Lynelle said...

Ahhh yellow. It really is the best colour. It has always been my favourite but it took me a very long time to make a yellow quilt. Now that I have I can't stop at one.

candyschultz said...

That is a mighty fine looking quilt. Will it be in a magazine? If so, I will be watching for it. I am one of those northern hemisphereans anxiously anticipating spring. At the moment the wind is howling and snow is swirling. But my hyacinths are blooming. Ah yes, global warming is just a hoax (not).