Sunday, April 01, 2007


0703 pumpkins
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Just love the variety - shape, colourings. But for soup, my preference is butternut pumpkin (with a leetle bit of curry, a trick I learned from a friend, and garlic and good chicken stock, bayleaves, nutmeg, all building up subtle flavour). Hmmm. As the weather cools, pumpkin soup sounds GOOD. Maybe over Easter.


Anonymous said...

mmm, pumpkin soup... pumpkin scones... roast pumpkin.... mmmmm!

Carmel said...

Hi Ruth, Have already made my first batch of pumpkin soup for the season. Used up some frozen pumpkin and added some fresh and yes, I add curry too and have to agree about the chicken stock. Left it all to slowly cook overnight in the crock pot! Am in Brisbane now...not quite cold enough here yet though!Carmel