Saturday, March 31, 2007


0703 Scrabble mosaic
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Today I visited - briefly - a Scrabble tournament. And learned new stuff. At the start of the tournament, all the boards are like the top left, every tile checked and accounted for. At the end, the 10x10 square is made up again, but it's a count rather than a letter-by-letter accounting. In the carpark outside in the morning was the giant Scrabble board, being set up to show some of the words newly allowed in the game (eg. OXO) with a few familiar ones as filler.

The family member who plays competition Scrabble (and has a NSW and Australian rating, eeek!) won 4 and lost 4 and had a happy day.

Others of the family had fun romping around op shops making discoveries (but not buying them all) and having rather a nice chocolatey afternoon tea. While the day was certainly sunny, there was a gentle reminder in the breeze that it's autumn, and that was lovely too.

Best buy? The cane chair marked (and overpriced imho) at $70 which they knocked down to $50 (still overpriced, so we left it) and then, at the cash register, they accepted our initial enquiry amount ($10). Bargain! It's been ickily spray painted brown, but a can of enamel will fix that....

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