Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Warhol's tricycle

0703 tricycle Warhol 2
Originally uploaded by rooruu.

Well, not really. But the fun you can have with fd's flickr toys... this is a fairly new toy, the Warholizer. One photo and a new version every time you click.

I blogged this photo here, in its original form. And drew some connection between it and pedalling like mad to keep up with everything. Which is equally relevant to today's madhouse of this and that, multitasking like that Indian god/dess with multiple arms, while my brain quietly melts...

Rodent update: last night, in what I hope was the staggering of near-expiration, the rodent tipped over a box of the bait it had taken behind the fridge - first time I've heard anything. I did get to glimpse a tail - far too long a tail for a mouse..... No further sound, no more bait taken or moved. Should my nose start to wonder if it's expired? The bait instructions say to keep baiting for two weeks, but death usually happens 4-7 days after the first feed. Fingers crossed... it's sayonara time, Mr Rodent....

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candyschultz said...

I love that it is called a warholizer.