Friday, March 02, 2007

Current reading : Sunshine

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(No no no, not the soppy seventies saga made into a weepie film).

This book did everything fiction can, and everything you hope it will do. Created a world, characters, a narrative, a place for your brain to travel and imagine and wonder and hope and fear and be surprised.

I've loved Robin McKinley's work since Beauty, the best retelling of Beauty and the Beast you will ever read. Her Damar books, The Blue Sword and The Hero and the Crown are also favourites I've read and reread.

This time, she's working with vampires. Can't say I've done a lot of reading about vampires, but if Robin McKinley's writing, I'm reading.

I didn't want it to end. I almost stopped reading it at times, because I wanted to make it last.

She has a website, She's one of my favourite writers.

Her next book's due out this year - it's about dragons....

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candyschultz said...

I am going straight to Amazon. I love vampires and anything about them. I used to have my own fangs made by my dentist. Thanks.