Sunday, March 11, 2007

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I changed my mind. This week included the monthly long return train journey, an opportunity to really get into a book without distractions. Last month I read The Memory Keeper's Daughter and it wasn't. A keeper, that is. Without spoilers, I'll just say that all the characters either bored me, or didn't interest me, or both. What do I know? It's near the top of the Amazon best seller list. But I won't keep it and have no plans, ever, to bother reading it again. No memories being kept here, move along.

But The Time Traveler's Wife? An entirely different kettle of fish. Since it was annoying me before (read in a snippet of time could be part of the reason) I started at the beginning again, and had read well past half way by the end of the train travelling. Knocked over the rest the next day. NIffenegger handles a tricky plot (when? who's what age right now?) well, and the central characters of Henry and Clare did interest and engage me. This one's undoubtedly a keeper, a much better, more thoughtful, wiser work than TMKD. I will enjoy savouring it again.

Definitely recommended.

The other thing I've read recently, which is entirely hilarious, is a blog that does for romance book covers (mullets and muscles anyone?) what Go Fug Yourself does for celebrity 'fashion'. This link will take you to the SBTB analyses... (note, some saucy language may be involved, so if that bothers you, be aware). It's amazing where following blogroll links can take you...

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candyschultz said...

Exactly my sentiments in re The Memory Keeper's Daughter. I did a review on the blog last summer because it was horrible and I had to read it for my book club. Definitely not a keeper. As for being on bestseller lists - those books are on there generally because they appeal to the least common denominator of the reading public. The Time Traveler's Wife is just wonderful on the other hand and I cannot wait to come across it in the future and reread it. It is on my shelf and will stay there. I also adore go fug yourself.