Saturday, March 17, 2007

Provençal fabric

0703 Provençal fabric find
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So I noticed during the week an ad for a sale at Les Olivades (one of their antipodean branches). If you don't know them, their French site is here. Gorgeous fabrics. The ad included attractive points like "up to 70% off" (They're not cheap fabrics, so this is very good) and "remnants" (better still, a quilter is never troubled by good remnants, they're full of promise).

My de-cluttering adviser agreed with the foolish point I made: this house is not suffering a fabric famine as we speak. (I don't really have a DCA - it's a friend whose packrat gene is extremely weak and easily cowed, and so she views the world differently).

But Les Olivades! At bargain prices!

I remained strong, this morning (it's the 75th birthday celebrations for the Sydney Harbour Bridge this weekend, anywhere near the city, or going to the city, is likely to be bonkers with traffic, crowds, etc) and instead spent less than half an hour visiting two local op shops.

I needed two more yellow shirts for a shirt quilt I'm working on. Check. Found 'em at the first shop. I also needed a feature fabric to use on that quilt. And in the photo you will see that a very nice French fabric in sunny yellow and happy blues found me. A kinda Olivades cousin and a reward for my strength of character. A friend who visited France once brought me back some charm squares just like this fabric.

(The sale's still on tomorrow, when traffic will be even worse because 200,000 people are going to walk over the bridge, which is closed to traffic; and gee whiz this has whetted my appetite for French fabrics. On special. Remnants too.....)

The fabric in the photo is currently a pinafore with a very gathered skirt - excellent for cutting into quilt pieces, as it doesn't have a million seams or much shaping to contend with.

Channelling DCA: There isn't a fabric famine in your house. Just because because fabric's on special, it doesn't mean you have to buy some. They will have another sale. You'd hate tomorrow's traffic and crowds - not worth wrangling with. Be calm, be happy. Use what you have.

Rodent note: Another 50g container of bait was moved to the middle of the kitchen floor last night. I hope you're feeling very VERY unwell, Mr Rodent....

Fabriholic note: If you're game to brave the traffic, the sale's at Les Olivades in Transvaal Ave, Double Bay.


Isabelle said...

Love your roses and fabrics. Also couldn't agree more about spelling! I have to stop myself commenting on some blogs - which are well-written, by obviously intelligent people - that there's no "a" in "definitely" and their dog didn't wag "it's" tail and so on. I had a little blog rant slightly similar to yours a few weeks ago, however, and ever since then I've been a bit neurotic in case I spelt something wrong myself. Just a typo, of course...

candyschultz said...

I love provencal fabrics. I have a stash of them and that quilt is on my list. My poor list. It is so long. Have fun shopping.