Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Comet toy sewing machine

0703 Comet toy sewing machine
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Not mine, but a friend's (and the backdrop quilt is by another friend). We were talking old sewing machines and toy sewing machines, so one brought in her childhood machine for us to enjoy. It's a "Comet" and dates circa 1960s, I believe.

For all the sewing I do and have done, I have no recollection of owning a toy sewing machine as a child. The sewing machine I used from the age of about eleven or twelve was the family's obstreperous, temperamental Janome. Some of the patience I may or may not possess as an adult is due to that machine, which had the nastiest tension in the known world. But I still sewed lots of clothes on it and would rather have had it, for all its difficulties, than no sewing machine available at all. The Elna I bought while a uni student was a blessing - its tension was usually fine.

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