Saturday, March 03, 2007

Quilt pattern

0703 tile quilt pattern
Originally uploaded by rooruu.
Well no, it's tiles from the entrance of an early twentieth century shop.

Well yes, if you're finding patterns in the world, then it's a Rob Peter to Pay Paul kind of pattern, or bow ties if you want to focus on the lighter sections.

Either way, graphic and effective, with a pleasing sort of diagonal lilt.

Devoted quilters would probably sew curved seams, and feel virtuous and happy and clever and all justifiably so.

Devoted and lazy quilters, like me, would work it as appliqué , because quilting doesn't have to be difficult to be fun. You can do raw edge appliqué , bullseye style, or gather a circle over cardboard, use spray starch and an iron, then quarter these. Stitch down by hand or machine.

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