Sunday, March 18, 2007


Its 75th birthday celebrations are today - and while it's easy enough to wander down to the harbour and see it from dozens of angles, I like the way it comes to you in glimpses when you're in the city.

When I was in NY some years ago, it was seeing the World Trade Center at odd moments, glimpses past modernity to the Chrysler building, the Empire State building - these felt more real, in some ways, contextualising the buildings rather than placing them as lone icons.

Happy 75th birthday, SHB - I can still remember the great feeling the first time I drove a car over the bridge, under that grand and graceful arch.

I took this photo in January - nope, went nowhere near the city today.

It's a great day for the Irish - I'm distantly related to Francis De Groot, who sliced the ribbon before Premier Jack Lang, on the day the bridge was opened, and also distantly related to the captain of the current Irish cricket team.

My dear mama specifically asked me to note here that IRELAND IS IN THE FINAL EIGHT at the cricket world cup in the West Indies, having beaten Canada (ha!), tied with Zimbabwe (yay!) and beaten Pakistan (on St Patrick's Day) - HOORAY - so Pakistan won't make it through the first rounds but the Irish minnow has triumphed. (So far!) Onward and upward!

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