Sunday, March 25, 2007

Good at castles

0703 ballerina and castle
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It started with a ballerina on the stage (can you tell that purple is a favourite colour?). Away she went, back to the table with the colouring pens.

When she came back, there were blue curtains. Is there anything behind the ballerina? we asked. Maybe a garden, or a ballroom, or a castle?

A castle, she said, as she headed off. I'm good at castles.

I love that at seven, this is one of the things you can be confident about.

As you can see, the ballerina (purple) got a castle (also purple). (Doesn't purple just work? It's so multipurpose).

And then she gave it to me. It's on the kitchen dresser, adding its own individual, purple, good-castle style. Great present. It's been signed, now too, with her name and age, because these things are worth both keeping and remembering.

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