Wednesday, April 18, 2007


0704 RES winning cakes
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At the Royal Easter Show, only the winning cakes are on display, in this cabinet (higher up means better cake - top shelf are the first prize winners). You kinda sorta don't envy the judges.

I knew someone this year who was entering a couple of baking categories, and the amount of research and testing she did...

Sadly, she didn't win a prize, but she refined her (now new standard) chocolate cake recipe through her various test runs, and enjoyed the process. Which is what it's all about.

There's something domestic and beautiful about these rows of cakes, something vaguely and charmingly fifties-tea-party about the categories and baking on display.

(It's always better to visit this in the first week of the show than the second, when the effects of time can start to appear on items such as these, with limited life span.... 'nuff said!).


meggie said...

So... they cant have THAT cake & eat it too!
I have always wondered about the state of foodstuffs at the end of the show.

rooruu said...

Ah, but I believe all the non-winning entries are given to charity immediately after judging, so most entries get deservingly scoffed in prime condition.