Friday, April 13, 2007


0704 Royal Easter Show trophy
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At the Royal Easter Show, trophies are just a part of what is an enormous agricultural show/extravaganza that's been a part of Sydney for well over a century.

More pix later (I took over 200....) - the admirable and the quirky.

The Royal's website is It's on till next Wednesday.

A couple of food notes.

We were hugely amused at lunchtime when an Asian family started unpacking their picnic - we were looking forward to being amazed at their cuisine, Asian food can be so good for picnics. Out came a loaf of wholemeal bread and...tins of baked beans. Baked bean sandwiches. O-kay. So much for assumptions! (It's ages since I had a baked bean sandwiches - not the easiest thing to eat, but filling).

If you're going to the show, foodwise the best value is in the Fresh Food pavilion - you could assemble a yummy lunch from there, fresh bread and cheese and salads and other good things - at a price far more reasonable than the (inflated, as usual) expensive offerings from the food stalls outside (fried this, deep fried that and, of course, Dagwood Dogs, deep fried battered hot dogs, a show tradition...). A meat pie was $4, some burgers $8 and upwards. I got a cranberry and vegetable salad and a bottle of water for $4.50. Bargain. And not just financially.


Dy said...

Cool reflection shot!

Nola said...

Had to laugh at your Asian family's picnic. I remember being invited to lunch by the mum of one of my daughter's friends, recently arrived from Hong Kong. Anticipating authentic Chinese food, I was astonished when she served a very authentic and tasty spaghetti bolognese!