Sunday, April 22, 2007

Red shoes

0704 red shoes
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She was standing in front in the Ikea checkout queue - I had my camera out for something else - ?a repetition of glasses or icecube containers or something - and then the screen framed this, and I thought, aha!

I'd already noticed the wonderful cherry-red. Was the skirt some sort of silk? And it was a stylish sort of get-up for Ikea, where most people dress down and in anticipation of the advertised more-than-a-kilometre distance if you take their pathway through the store (it's a full store, four times of the size of the one Sydney used to have).

There was just something about the cherry red, the skirt and shoes matching so matchily, her stance, the juxtaposition of this elegance and the functional, industrial-chic plain/not-plain concrete floor and the angle of the camera.

Ergo, snap. I like it. Do you?

(will this be one of those blog entries that ventures a question, only to find it had better be described as rhetorical, given the subsequent silence....?!)


Kazza the Blank One said...

Yes, very nice :)

Carmel said...

The shoes caught my eye as soon as I got to your blog. Reminded me of a photo of my mother as a young woman....thanks for the memory!

candyschultz said...

No. You're right. It reminds me of a noir film. I think it is the angle.

Ali said...

I'm a big fan of red shoes (although I'm with you - slightly dressy for my average Ikea-trawl!)

Pixie said...

I likey....just so you don't think you're talking in a vaccuum.

Nola said...

Very quirky! And so very red.