Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Banksia rose arbour

0710 yellow banksia rose
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Still not my garden.... But the flowers were cascading around this: I liked the contrast of yellow/green with weathered wood.

Still working on the quilt. It's amazing how much faster the unpieced borders of a frame/medallion quilt are, as opposed to when you reach an outer row of ninepatches which are 3inch finished... Hmmm, that slows you down rather a lot. I'm using fabrics from Uptown, FreshCut and Chez Moi, along with bits and pieces from some other 'modern' ranges as well as some hand dyes, and it's looking busy but happy. It will be interesting to photograph it and see how it looks, if a photo clarifies its structure.

I had an email today from a lady who made a quilt based on one of my designs that was in a magazine within the last year. It was great to see how she'd taken it and made it her own. I always hope that my designs do that, rather than demanding slavish imitation. It's lovely when someone takes the time to show you the quilt they've made.

Unrelated factoid. Today I read that the Arnott's biscuit (cookie) factory makes five million Tim Tams a day. Someone's scoffing them at an astounding rate of knots (or maybe the export market's bigger than I had guessed). Five million. Yikes. Every four days they make enough for every man, woman and child in the country to eat one.


Isabelle said...

Lovely lovely flowers. I really like irises.

Tim Tams? Never heard of them...

Caitlin O'Connor said...

I adore banskia roses, too.
Hey, someone must be eating my share of the tim tams, too! Dang!