Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Guild Challenge mosaic

0709 Guild Challenge mosaic
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The Quilters' Guild of NSW annual Challenge was this year taking the theme, "Looking Forward, Looking Back". This is a step by step of the quilt I made for this challenge. It is constructed from both old and new fabric, the old taken from vintage blocks (omigosh! she cut up vintage blocks!) (nothing to worry about, they weren't going anywhere as semi-orphans until I came along).

My quilt is a family tree of a kind, with initials of people and in embroidery (redwork) the enduring qualities of our family, such as laughter and affection. The second-last picture is the completed quilt.

It was fun to play within parameters set by others and see what arose from it.

The challenge quilts go on tour for two years throughout Australia, so it was nice to document this before it travels off.

I called it, The More Things Change: Family Tree

It is an original design.

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