Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fabric cupboard

0710 fabric cupboard mosaic 1
Originally uploaded by rooruu.
This is the cupboard I was painting on the weekend for the sewing room (Dulux Roland is the paint colour, a pale blue/green). The brown wooden surfaces inside the cupboard just weren't going to be good for fabric and I figured paint would be safer. It's also so much lighter now, not a fabric dungeon.

The roses fabric is shelf lining. It took one coat of undercoat/primer and two coats of paint - really sucked up the undercoat, but now there's a semigloss surface and it looks much better. Gosh it was fun to contort about painting under shelves...but there's no brown left. The exterior got painted too. It's only a modest op shop find cupboard, but it works.

Now to see if there is any fabric in the house which could be stored in here. Hmmmm. Think I'll find some? Think so...


meggie said...

I really get such pleasure from turning op shop finds into treasure.
Nice cupboard, well done!

Carmel said...

Love the roses fabric that is lining the shelves! But then, I'm that kinda girl!
Pretty blue on the desk too.
Great paint job.

candyschultz said...

These bits are intriguing. I do hope you are going to show us when the room is finished.

Nola said...

Looks great, hope you will show more pics of the room as time goes by.