Sunday, October 28, 2007

Vintage car manufacture mosaic

Vintage car manufacture mosaic
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So what do you give the car mad nevvy who's about to have his driving test? Something to remind him of car history (which he likes too) - although as he pointed out, it does skip a step or two, from billycart to complete vehicle in one go does seem to require perhaps a bit more detail. But he liked it.

The pictures are from a vintage brochure. As scanned, they had age marks and blotches, which is not unexpected. They were printed on a BasicGrey scrapbooking paper which also had marks and blotches (on purpose) and which nicely conveyed age while concealing the scanned pictures' marks. (I use BasicGrey paper a lot, and it was my first thought for printing these).

For those of you who have seen the quirky Australian film The Castle, these are destined for the pool room. He hasn't got one yet, but this is almost enough reason....!

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