Sunday, October 14, 2007

Colour me happy!

I've been painting - the interior of a cupboard to house my fabric, and some dining chairs, and a couple of little tables for the living room, and a sewing desk (all are vintage/second-hand finds). Aren't paint chips just seductive?? My hands (despite work with the pumice stone) are evidence of industry, the tin of undercoat is getting low - and there's more to do tomorrow. I think my favourite of all the colours is the pale blue (Taubmans Etruscan Blue) on the sewing desk - it's the closest match I could find to the blue in the Ikea curtains (the ones with the wiggly designs) which are going to go in that room (the living room ended up with some other curtains). It's not the major studio, but a small room that will work as a studio for the time being.

Photos will come. The inside of the cupboard was dark, boring brown, and the desk was dark, boring brown. I wanted a happy colour to work on and a light colour to illuminate the interior of the cupboard. I learned, from one of the small tables, that crayon is immensely persistent, and you have to buy another tin of stuff to undercoat it with and stop it bleeding through.

But that blue! It's clear and happy and itself. Lovely.

Looks like the thrifting book mystery was solved - thank you for all the comments. I don't get that paper so I didn't know about the freebies.

I really understand people who can't cull any books. I do. It's not as though I culled a major percentage - oh my goodness no... If in doubt, I kept it, and yet there were some I didn't doubt and really won't miss. One day I'd love to have a library room, floor to ceiling shelves and everything visible and in the one room. With a good reading light or two. And comfy chairs to curl up in, possibly a good deep window seat too. Doesn't that sound appealing? But for now, I'm working on a sewing room, and it's making some progress.

It's interesting, when you start trying to reimagine your home, how difficult it can sometimes be - you're used to things where they are and used as they are. Some of the 'working' time has been just sitting in the room, and thinking about how it could work, and what's needed. I know some people who move stuff around in their house regularly, but that's not really how this house works.

But then, having sat, and mulled, and let your mind wander around with possibilities, you have those lovely Aha! moments that let you see things afresh.


Erica said...

Oh Ruth! Your sewing room sounds like it will be a gorgeous place to stitch. Are you still planning to use those wonderful French doors you bought last year?

candyschultz said...

Oh a library room oh yes. That would be heaven. I do have my sewing studio so I can't be greedy but that would be so nice.

Isabelle said...

Colour - so important. I'm not a fan of brown as a furnishing colour, myself, though it's very fashionable at the moment. I love blue.

And books - yes, I manage to cull a few but only a few. I could cull some of my husband's quite happily... but this would be mean.