Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sewing room dresser

0710 blue dresser - before
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This is the dresser before painting. It's got an antique stain and semigloss varnish. Perfectly pleasant, but in this room dark and too dominant, and it's time for a change...... (Cue splutterings from appalled menfolk).

This is after. How lovely is that blue paint? Doesn't it just look cheerful and happy? And lighter (even though the first photo was taken with the light on and the second with early morning daylight)?

0710 blue dresser - after
Originally uploaded by rooruu.

And this is an example of the new brushed metal handles. What I particularly like, apart from the shape, is the tiny spike on the back - a nice design feature. When screwed onto the drawer or cupboard door, this will stop it rotating. A small, clever innovation.

0710 new handle
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Lynda said...

Love the blue. Your sewing room is going to be gorgeous.

Caitlin O'Connor said...

Looks FABBO!! Much much more interesting than the BOOOOOOORING plain wood. (Plus, if you ever get really tired of the colour, you can always rope one of the grumphing menfolk in to "restore" it - LOL!)

Erica said...

This should live in my house! What is the paint colour please?