Friday, October 12, 2007

Thrifting book mystery

0710 Thrifting book mystery
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It happened again today, and here I present you with the evidence.

Does someone know why there is a copy of this book (usually this edition) - Prey, by Michael Crichton - in EVERY op-shop (Goodwill/Oxfam etc) shop I go into? Guaranteed. Even ones that aren't adjacent, but hours apart. Did they print gazillions? Does every reader hate it enough to toss in five seconds (I haven't read much of his work, but I remember The Andromeda Strain being good....)????

I started noticing months ago. Last week an op shop had FIVE copies of this edition, all in a row, and a separate copy of a different edition. I catch myself looking for it now, along the op shop bookshelves, and pretty much every time, there it is. However madly popular a book has been (and I don't recollect this one barnstorming the bestseller lists, although I might not have been paying attention at the right time) there is no other title I can think of that has appeared so consistently.

It's a mystery!


Alien Thoughts said...

The reason there is so many is that a year or so ago, the Sunday Telegraph gave away six books including this one by Michael Cricton with the paper. So it would have printed up several thousand of them. I guess people have read them and no longer want them. I still have all six of mine. They weren't bad stories. But that is where yours appears to have come from.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ruth,

I had a copy of this book - think I gave it to St Monica's for their book stall at the fete. It was a freebie (Big W?) with another book. Can't say I read it though.


Bev in North Richmond

candyschultz said...

It certainly wasn't one of his best books. I loved Jurassic Park but lately, since Crichton is being such a moron about global warming (doesn't believe it) I refuse to purchase his books.