Monday, February 04, 2013

35/365 Barbie recipient

1302 35/365 Barbie recipient
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A friend of mine collects Barbies. For the sociological interest, you understand. Like, when did Barbie segue from being a nurse to being a medic?

And every Christmas, she gives me Barbie (with one diversion represented by Twilight's Edward). I had no Barbies as a child - I had Sindy. (English, less tarty. My dear mama had no opinion of that flashy American Barbie).

And now I am not a Barbie collector, but a Barbie recipient. They are on display in my office at work, and provoke conversations and reminiscences.

This isn't all of the Barbies (I've known my friend a while...). There is another shelf...

(And do I still have my two Sindy dolls, and the sets of clothes, and her little sister Patch with the hair i should not have washed, and...? Yes. I do.)


Ann-Maree said...

Oh dear we are the same vintage LOL I had a Sindy too!!

Salley said...

Guilty too! My Sindy had the biggest wardrobe of stuff courtesy of this once 11 year old. I wasnt allowed to have Barbie :(