Saturday, February 16, 2013

48/365 rue canister

1302 48/365 rue canister
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Found at a local weekend market. I have a minor collection of Bakelite and aluminum mid-century canisters on top of the kitchen cupboards. No real plans to buy any more, as the space is full. I like their vintage charm. Up till today, my favourite label was Lemon Peel.

This one caught my eye as the label is a short version of my name. But also - rue? Not flour/sugar/tea? And it's a reasonable size, not a little herb/spice canister.

I went hunting online. Pest eradication, some medicinal applications, and dried and powdered, a tea. Hmmm. I can't think of the last time I used rue, if ever.

But I'll cheerfully keep this container (empty).


Anonymous said...

Is it Rice with the top bit of the "c" broken off?

rooruu said...

Yes! I didn't think of that, the break being so neat. Just got utterly sidetracked by the possible kitchen uses of 'the herb of grace'. Just looked at it more closely and you are right.

Thanks, Anonymous! Clever you!