Tuesday, February 05, 2013

36/365 tissues for knitters

A friend gave this box of tissues, with its multicoloured knitted pattern. Because we'd been knitting. And this is colourful, happy.

I've had it for nearly a year, and other boxes of tissues have come and gone at work, and this keeps being my reserve box, the one-day spare. Because I'm still knitting, and it's still cheerfully colourful, and it reminds me of a friend's thought and kindness.

I'm amused to have comments on yesterday's post from fellow Sindy girls. No Barbiefolk have emerged from the woodwork, though. I remember poring over the pink Sindy clothes brochure. I could practically recite some of the descriptions without looking.

PS Dear Mr Jobs (dec),

I live in a world of neighbours and colours, not neighbors and colors.  Please stop trying to 'correct' my correct spelling.  I am not in the US and do not use US spelling.  It is driving me nuts.  Especially when you sneak it in when I haven't noticed, and then my blog entries look less literate than they should.  There are other countries and other ways to spell English.  You sold me my Apple device in a country with neighbours and colours; why is the spellcheck still American?

Yours sincerely.

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