Wednesday, February 20, 2013

51/365 shelfscape

1302 51/365 shelfscape
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The Laura Ingalls Wilder books are the ones I read so avidly as a child. Maple syrup. Nine patch quilts. The wonder that was a treadle sewing machine. The challenges of starting out as a teacher. I can trace lots of things back to being mentioned in these books.

The Diana Gabaldon books are ones I have read avidly as an adult. And listened to Davina Porter's excellent audiobook renditions.

There are other books on this shelf: all are keepers. I've come to realise that some books are in transit in this house, and I haven't missed any that have travelled on. But these are keepers.

The softie figure I found in a craft gallery in Victoria on a road trip a couple of years ago. I'm not sure exactly what it represents, apart from itself. But I like it, especially the simple, effective machine-stitched face. It looks like it has stories to tell, too.

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