Saturday, February 23, 2013

52/365 stripey scarf

1302 52/365 stripey scarf
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I saw this scarf in the top patterns on Ravelry.

Love it. Love the thin stripes and thicker stripes. I went cruising on Etsy and found some mini-skein bundles of sock yarns.

But at some local markets I came across these. They're intended for tapestry, or embroidery. I think some are 4 ply-ish. Others would need two strands to be so. The market lady and I did some back and forth bargaining, and I ended up with these skeins for a price that made us both happy.

I'll start with the thin stripes. Might need more yarn when I get to the thick stripes, but for right now I have exactly what I needed: small quantities but many colours, all wool and some hand-dyed.

The crochet project is finished and given; my photos aren't great so I'll wait for better ones when the twins are out and about using their stripey blankets. (The twins aren't born yet.)

I seem to be in a stripey phase.

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