Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Choir of Hard Knocks

0706 Choir of Hard Knocks CD
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A friend gave me this CD - I've been watching the documentary series on ABC-TV.

It's magic. Wonderful. Makes you cry, and feel exalted, and humbled, and taken to a new place. I'm grateful to be able to hear it.

The choir is made up of homeless people. Their singing is rich in experience, life experience, and infused by hope and the community of lives and voices created in a choir's co-operation. My particular favourites are their versions of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, and of Amazing Grace, and the Melbourne G&L choir's version of Angel.

Buy one here. You won't be sorry. Royalties go to the choir. The album and individual tracks are also available on iTunes.


kirsty said...

I have LOVED watching this series, but I've cried during EVERY episode!

Anonymous said...

My husband read something about this series in the paper before it started - we've been watching it with much delight (and tears and deep gratitude for our own comparatively easy life). The CD is lovely and several family members will, no doubt, be getting copies for birthdays!