Saturday, June 09, 2007

Rainy leaves & brunch

Rainy leaves mosaic
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Since yesterday it's been raining, steady rain of the kind that can't believe you were so het up about dam levels being under 40% and water restrictions being in place, and dry gardens and etcetera. The weather being contrary, I coulda but I didn't but see? I coulda and now I am.

The autumn leaves are waterwashed, hard to catch as they tremble and give under the steady fall of rain. Rain caught on leaf tips, poised to let gravity pull them to the thirsty earth. The gutters run full, the rain drums its greeting on the roof and it took less than a day to hear someone wish the rain would stop....Not yet. Not yet.

I was going to photograph brunch. We had the caf's Big Plate: bacon and eggs (damn, I forgot to ask for poached not fried - the underneath of fried eggs gives me the irrational oooks), chipolata sausages, smoked salmon, onion jam, mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, two doorstops of buttered toast. After that, afternoon tea and dinner will suffice for the day. The Big Plate-ful got eaten before the camera came out. Maybe we'll have to go another time? Weekend brunch is good.

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