Saturday, June 02, 2007


0706 quilt-in-waiting
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It started with the larger blue pieces, light and darker, and the red/blue spriggy one you can barely see in the background.

Over twenty permutations in EQ5 (must upgrade!) later, and a fossick through the stash, and some other friends have come to the party.

I took the photo this morning.

It needs to be nearly finished by the end of the weekend, certainly by the end of the week.

So this isn't going to be a long blog post. Unsurprisingly.

See you later!

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Lindi said...

Please post a photo when you have finished, won't you?
I would not have thought to pull these fabrics together, but you have such a good eye for colour and design, that I know it will work well, and I am keen to learn another way of looking at things.
Cheers and happy sewing!