Saturday, June 30, 2007

Cocoa Blue

0706 Cocoa Blue
Originally uploaded by rooruu.

This was my original blue and brown quilt, with amazing freemotion quilting by Kim Bradley. Her detail on the leaves in particular is remarkable. I like its modernity and energy.

Sydney Quilt Show 2007

I'll do a longer quilt show report in the next day or two. Lots to see! - Sunday 1 July is its final day.

As you may notice, I've done some catching up, and have filled in the gaps in patterning the world so it's back to at least one photo and entry a day.


kirsty said...

Wow,R!! I love this quilt! Beautiful :D

candyschultz said...

Oh that is beautiful. Thanks for showing it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruth, Thanks for posting this quilt. It has a lot of movement and I love the colours!

Caitlin O'Connor said...

Lovely colours - not something I would have thought of using even 2 months ago - but now they work! And the quilting shows up well over on the flickr photo - yum!