Friday, November 09, 2007

Eternal flame

0711 Remembrance Day
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Although it's not Remembrance Day till Sunday, the local Returned Serviceman's Club must have had its ceremony this morning (the eleventh hour of the ninth day of the eleventh month).

What I found touching - and this is different to Anzac Day - is how many of these bouquets were from home gardens. None of those 'laurel wreath' things on foam backs, only a couple of bought bunches.

Instead, you had dietes (flowering profusely at the moment) and even jacaranda (ditto), along with garden roses and sprays of assorted greenery. There was something very homely, and real, and heartfelt, and sad too, about these offerings. Some were wrapped in crumpled cellophane, some not, and the rain had been on them during the day, so some looked a bit weatherworn.

But they were beautiful and sad and good and a reminder of what should never be forgotten.

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