Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Kitchen tap and modern day choice

0711 kitchen tap mosaic
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(...or should I say faucet as well? We do call 'em taps, here).

See, the kitchen taps didn't just need new washers, they needed replacing. I also utterly dislike Raymor Crown tap heads, such as the one at the top.

But if you want to replace taps, you get into murky murky spindle waters, because the new spindle (innards) has to match the setup of pipes and so forth. Hmmm. Effort no. 1 from the big hardware store, didn't fit. So off I went to the plumbing trade store.

And found myself transported to an experience I'd had years ago, in the country. Out there, out then, you went to the little town's butchery and no meat was on display. Nothing. No price list, either. You had a chat with the butcher (and it was only the first time you walked in that you didn't know his name and he didn't know yours) and let him know what you were after - a roast of beef, or lamb chops, or whatever, and then he went and got it from the coolroom. No 'five of those'. He got to pick. It worked well, after that first sense of being at his mercy, and darn it, that country-killed meat had a fine flavour!

So, at the plumbing trade store, forget the showroom. Bloke behind the counter asks what I'm after, and brings me one (one) example of a tap that will fit the setup in the kitchen. O-kay. I like it well enough, it's more what I had in mind than revisiting the Crown sort. But gee whiz, you end up wondering what the other choices mightabeen. We are so accustomed to choice...

Old taps icky. New taps good.

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