Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Found Style

0711 Found Style
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This book arrived from Amazon (US) this week. It's great! Out of print, but there are secondhand copies around. Full of inspiration. David and Amy Butler find a whole bunch of excellent houses and give practical ideas. I find myself looking around home and planning how I can edit, pare, refine, let the focus be more, um, focused.


The Shopping Sherpa said...

I borrowed this fromthe Library and loved it.

Saw it at the (then) brand new Borders store here in Canberra for some silly amount like $70. Went home and ordered it secondhand off Amazon for 1/3 of the price.

Gotta love Amazon sometimes...

rooruu said...

Access to second-hand through Amazon etc is one of the great things about the internet - so many possibilities that would otherwise be laborious/impossible to get hold of. I got three of the Shabby Chic series for little more than the cost of one, including postage, as second-hand through Amazon sellers.