Saturday, November 24, 2007

Scatterday Mosaic Letter T

0711 Scatterday Letter T mosaic
Originally uploaded by rooruu.
Scatterday again. Letter T, categories Clothing, Purple and Hot Things.

The quirky elf-bonnet is, in rhyming slang, a titfer.

The purple blossom of the jacaranda is on a tree.

Cinnamon toothpaste (cinnamon appearing to be to Canadians, who gave me this, as Vegemite is to Australians)(although nobody's made Vegemite toothpaste. Yet.) is a hot thing, as are tree decorations as Christmas Eve is a month away, and today's election, which inescapable.

As to the DVDs, Antonio Banderas is certainly hot in Take the Lead, there are trenchcoats aplenty in Thirteen Days and while Tootsie is great fun, it's also a tad purple here and there.


Next week: the letter M brings you Textures, Weapon and Hobby.


Dy said...

Oh, the elf bonnet is delightful! Ditto with the Jacaranda. I've never heard of cinnamon toothpaste, is it nice?

Di said...

Some excellent lateral thinking here, Ruth - as usual. Love your work!

Michelle Watters said...

Gracious me - cinnamon toothpaste. Hot stuff. I'm liking the movie bits. Very inventive.

Anonymous said...

Great work, Ruth. They also have an obsession with cinammon in the US. I have converted a couple of Americans to vegemit, I doubt I could come at cinnamond toothpaste though.

Lissa Jane said...

Cinnamon toothpaste??? yikes!!

Love your idea's Ruth!