Saturday, November 10, 2007

Scatterday Mosaic Letter O

0711 Scatterday Mosaic Letter O
Originally uploaded by rooruu.

So I've been reading and um-ing and ah-ing and scratching my head for ideas...but this week I've succumbed to Michelle and Dy's Scatterday idea.

This week is the letter O and the categories Breakfast, Shiny Things and Little Things.

So, for your delectation:

  • A quote from the Ode, in a mosaic at the RSL club near the eternal flame remembering servicemen and women (who set a shiny/shining example)
  • Oatbran is part of this breakfast in an O-shaped bowl
  • Oprah at Home magazine, not one I've read before but it will be lovely over a leisurely weekend breakfast
  • Oxo stock cubes, which are small things
  • an Organ donation sticker I spotted on a shop window, which may involve small and very important things (like corneas - have you signed the 'take the lot' bit on your driver's licence, and let your nearest and dearest know your wishes?)
  • Ornaments, easy to find at this time of year
  • Oklahoma and Out of Africa, shiny things and also small things (all that data on such a small bit of metal)
  • and an Opportunity of the season, Santa photos (lots of shiny things in his surroundings)

    So, Michelle, Dy, Pennie, all the other 'Scatterdaisies', how did I do? I may not manage every week, but this is a start....


Pennie & David said...

LOL I love your style Rooruu, lots of very interesting and amusing 'O's to entertain us. Look forward to seeing your 'H's next week.

Michelle Watters said...

Lots of lateral thinking. I can see you will excel in this game. Welcome to the lure and prepare to become Scatterbrained.

Di said...

Rooruu, you've just raised the bar for the rest of us Scatterdaisies! What wonderfully lateral thinking! Thank you for giving me an "aha" moment with your war vets being a sh"shining" example to us.

Dy said...

You did great, I love the way you think! The Organ donor sticker and the Ode quote in particular.

Nola said...

What fun O things! Welcome to the madness.