Saturday, November 17, 2007

Scatterday Mosaic Letter H

0711 Scatterday Mosaic Letter H
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This week's categories were Human, Toy and Soft.

The letter H is for H and also for H20, which it signifies on the pole where it was nailed. Water is something humans need...which is how I justified the water tanks in the third row.

Humans also do handwork, like the tapestry/needlepoint sampler, which has history (a human thing) being started by one woman in my family and finished by another.

The photo (b&w in real life, a poster on a wall in the human home here) is a detail from "The Walk to Paradise Garden" by W. Eugene Smith - you've probably seen the whole photo before, it's a twentieth century classic. It's here to represent that very human emotion, hope (see, why should Scatterday things have to be concrete objects? No reason at all, afaik). Anyway, it's a photo of humans...

Some humans (well, this one at least) have a hankering for home decorating books of specific kinds, such as Jane Brocket (Yarnstorm)'s book, and David and Amy Butler's one. While these may be my weakness, I'm vastly outnumbered by the humans with a passion for hardware (including hammers).

A house for dolls is a toy (not confined to children, and besides, who said that the kids should have all the toys??). The inventive pepperpot hammer is part of another toy my dad made. Toys are about entertainment, and DVDs are entertainment (maybe I'll be working in DVDs each Scatterday like Pennie does babushkas!).

The miniature (1/16th) scale hoover / vacuum cleaner is a vintage toy, while the heart cushion (Ikea) is soft.

Right, so that's H. Next week is Letter T and the categories are Clothing, Purple and Hot Things.


Michelle Watters said...

Goodness you are surrounded by a myriad of H things. I like the sideays leap of thinking. No need for anything to be concrete at all.

Pennie & David said...

Aaaahhh yes... this is the Rooruu I know, an enormous handful of H's at her hand! Love that Hoover, I had a bigger one like that many moons ago!
I will have to find a quiet moment to check my Babushkas for something that fits into next weeks 'T' categories, might be tricky though! You are aware that you can't trust me and that one can change the time on their blog entries aren't you Rooruu! I actually put it up before I went to bed last night because I wanted a sleep in and didn't want to feel guilty for not putting my Scatterday up early. I was well asleep by 1:21am LOL

Christina said...

Wow is all I can say to come up with so many original choices Christina

Anonymous said...


Dy said...

Wow, you've put a lot of thought in your H's, I enjoyed reading about your thoughts. Love that little hammer and your dolls' house is divine!

Nola said...

Wow what a cever mix of H things! And some nice lateral thinking there too. This is such a silly activity but it's fun!