Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas ornament: doll

0712 Christmas ornament: doll
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This is a decoration I made based on a pattern in a Kindred Spirits book. The head is based on a large button. It was a simple little design to make, although she turned out looking a trifle peeved. Faces are always the challenge, on cloth dolls: such little choices can create such different impressions.

The pile of presents under the tree is growing as Christmas gallops closer. The tree sits in a front window and is lit at night as a greeting to the street and passers-by, together with the fairy lights along the verandah.

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Isabelle said...

Dear me, you sound alarmingly prepared for Christmas. Presents? Tree? Ornaments? Sigh.

Like the dolly, all the same. I'm feeling a bit peeved myself - fair enough that she should.