Saturday, December 08, 2007

Scatterday Mosaic Letter K

Scatterday Mosaic Letter K
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K isn't the easiest letter, so it's been on my mind this week, between other things, and then when I assembled the photos I'd collected...

From the top, left to right: Letter K, followed by a photo of Kinokinuya bookshop in Sydney, a very Dangerous Thing. K&Co scrapbooking paper, from which I'm planning to make some Christmas presents (always a Dangerous Thing, planning Christmas presents when December's nearly half over...) and it includes Blue patterned papers. The K DVDs: King Arthur, with Dangerous Things like Love and Fighting and Slightly Mangled Myths; Kate and Leopold, largely similar except it's a romantic comedy, and A Knight's Tale, which is also largely similar AND a romantic comedy.

Next row: In the Neighbourhood, at an op shop, I present for your delectation Kilts, Knickknacks, Kitsch (no, I resisted temptation and left the clock in the shop) and a CD to assist you in Kicking up your heels (which can be Dangerous...). How good's that clock, though? Should you be watching the clock while meditating on Mary? It would seem somewhat discourteous...could it be Dangerous?

Next row: Blue Knitted blanket and Blue Kitchen utensils, interspersed with more items from the Neighbourhood op shop: Knitting patterns and Kit (aka clothes - and they're Blue too).

Next row: Dangerous Kitchen knives, Blue Kitchen enamelware, and In the Neighbourhood of a quilt shop you can find Koi fish (I also thought of the Japanese alphabets, isn't one at least a K word like Katagana?) and also Kit quilts.

Next row: In the Neighbourhood at the fruit and veg shop you can find Kumera, Kipfler potatoes and Kiwi fruit. And as hinted yesterday, King Island Cream elegantly covers all three, with its Blue lid, Dangerous nutritional label and being found In the Neighbourhood.

O-Kay. Roll on next week - although I won't promise anything so comprehensive...The letter is D and the categories - Sewing, Vehicles, Touchy Feely.


Anonymous said...

That's a pretty comprehensive list. I think you've covered bases for all of us.

Pennie & David said...

So many K's, who ever would have thought it but that's what happens to us Scatterdaises isn't it, give us a letter and all these previously unseen things jump out at one. Love the King Island Cream :-)

Dy said...

Fabulous K collection Ruth, aren't those scrapbooking papers beautiful!

Lissa Jane said...

I wish I had thought of half of those items Ruth.. and I think I might have to visit your opshop, ours has NOTHING in it EVER!

aka Typhoid Mary

Fran said...

All toooooo much Ruth, I should have looked at yours before I started!

Michelle Watters said...

My goodness - what a collection. very excellent!